140727: Lay: Worked hard. Very amazing. Gave me a huge fright. You guys have lots pf people. I’m very moved. I feel stumped. I don’t know how to describe this touching scene. You guys really worked hard. I’m so happy ha. Thank you guys. Having a concert in my hometown for the first time is so moving. Also, thank you guys for cheering for every single member, no wonder they always say you guys are like me. These pictures for you^_^

trans: fy-exo | source: lay’s weibo
please take out with credits.

random gifs of blonde krystal

ChanBaek’s version of the “Overdose” choreography

140711 when baek spots luhan’s hair standing in all directions…

Baekhyun demonstrating his power to Chanyeol’s roommates

baekhyun and the moving camera

kyungsoo playing on a psp


Exo being their own worst enemy.